IoT & Industry 4.0

Virtus.Sense is a full-stack IoT platform that abstracts all the complexity and provides you versatile smart sensors, a highly scalable and secure cloud platform and an easy to use mobile and web interface.

Use Cases

Frulact uses Virtus.Sense and Aeranthos to better manage their containers
Super Bock Group
Super Bock Group is using Virtus.Sense to monitor beer consumption on their Points-of-Sale
Trivalor uses Virtus.Sense to optimize the cleaning services on commercial buildings
Enforce uses Virtus.Sense to monitor the energy production of their solar panels
Sogrape is using Virtus.Sense to ensure that its wine caskets are under the right conditions
Jordão is doing preventive maintenance of their commercial freezers with Virtus.Sense
Spirito uses Virtus.Sense to ensure that their ice creams are always at the right temperature
Sulimet retrofitted their factories' shopfloors to have a real-time feedback of the number of parts being produced
The world is a complex place.

Our solutions are designed to allow organisations to quickly and simply use their information without adding layers and layers of heavy software.Usability and simple deployment are the key words.

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