Virtus.Sense is a full-stack IoT platform that abstracts all the complexity and provides you versatile smart sensors, a highly scalable and secure cloud platform and an easy to use mobile and web interface.

It is a turn-key solution that allows you to get advantage of your data instead of having to deal with integration, deployment and development.


Aeranthos is a food-grade industrial temperature and pressure data logger, designed for the food industry. The module is equipped with a low-power Bluetooth chip that allows users to communicate with the device wirelessly.

Either with our app or one of our Bluetooth Gateways, you are able to identify the module and extract real-time and historical readings


Virtus.Trace is a web platform targeting the food industry that requires a complete and transparent traceability from raw material to final product. Virtus.trace integrates data from different sources (ERPs, sensors, automation) and provides you a simple and clean dashboard where you can easily track all your product variables.